A 4G/5G Packet Core as VNF with Open Source MANO and OpenAirInterface

A short paper describing the SimulaMet OpenAirInterface (OAI) VNF for Open Source Mano (OSM) has been accepted for presentation at the 28th IEEE SoftCOM 2020 in Hvar, Dalmacija/Croatia in September!

For the SimulaMet OpenAirInterface VNF’s source code, see https://github.com/simula/5gvinni-oai-ns. For the paper, see: Dreibholz, Thomas: «A 4G/5G Packet Core as VNF with Open Source MANO and OpenAirInterface» (PDF, 811 KiB, in English), in Proceedings of the 28th IEEE International Conference on Software, Telecommunications and Computer Networks (SoftCOM), Hvar, Dalmacija/Croatia, September 2020, [BibTeX, XML].

Abstract: 5G, the fifth generation of mobile broadband networks, is going to make a large range of new applications possible. However, further research is necessary, and the basic step, i.e. setting up a 4G/5G testbed infrastructure, is a complicated and error-prone task.
In this abstract and poster, we introduce our open source SimulaMet EPC Virtual Network Function (VNF), as an easy way to set up a 4G/5G testbed based on Open Source MANO and OpenAirInterface. We would like to showcase how a researcher can use our VNF as part of his own research testbed setup. Therefore, the focus is particularly on the user interface details and features of the SimulaMet EPC VNF.