NorNet Edge consists of a large number of custom-made nodes that are geographically spread across Norway. A node – as depicted below – is made up of a relatively inexpensive single-board computer that is connected to all major operators of mobile broadband in Norway. For networks operating according to the 3GPP standards (Telenor, NetCom, Tele2 and Network Norway), we use USB-based 3G/4G modems. For ice.net, which operates a network based on the CDMA2000 standard, we use a stand-alone modem.

NorNet Edge på Kringsjå
NorNet Edge på Kringsjå

NorNet Edge offers a flexible platform for measurements and experimentation with mobile broadband networks on an unprecedented scale. Running a standard Linux distribution, our measurement nodes allow researchers to deploy complex measurement experiments. They are also powerful enough to run performance tests of a wide range of distributed applications, particularly also including audio and video streaming applications.

An important feature of NorNet Edge is a system for easy deployment and control of distributed tests, including scheduling of different experiments (both, in time and space). A particularly appealing aspect of NorNet Edge is the simultaneous access to mobile broadband connections from multiple operators. This allows for both, direct comparisons and experimentation with mechanisms that exploit this multi-connectivity for added robustness and/or performance.

A real-time visualization of measurements from Nornet Edge is publicly available. These measurements are run as part of the Resilient Networks project at Simula.

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NorNet Edge is realised with friendly sponsorship and support from Tele2, Network Norway and ice.net.

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