Advanced MPTCP features with NetPerfMeter and NorNet Core

Today, a new version of the network performance metering tool NetPerfMeter has been released. It particularly features the possibility to configure MPTCP parameters per-socket, instead of just globally via sysctl. That is, researchers now have the possibility to run multiple, individually-configured MPTCP flows, together with plain TCP flows, among the same systems simultaneously. This makes an easy comparison of different MPTCP parameters possible. To run the new NetPerfMeter version, perform the following steps:

  1. Get NetPerfMeter from the NetPerfMeter Homepage.
  2. Get the stable Linux MPTCP kernel sources from the Université catholique de Louvain; currently: v0.88.11.
  3. Apply the MPTCP socket options patch 0001-MPTCP-0.88.11-with-socketoptions.patch after checking its README file 0001-MPTCP-0.88.11-with-socketoptions.patch.readme.
  4. Compile and install the new kernel, boot it and enjoy NetPerfMeter’s capabilities to configure MPTCP.

For NorNet Core users, NetPerfMeter usage and MPTCP experiments are much easier: The latest node update has already prepared everything needed on all NorNet Core nodes, and the nodes are just waiting for your MPTCP experiments to start!

Aker brygge