OSM Ecosystem Day: Detecting Issues with In-Band Telemetry in OSM-Orchestrated Core Networks

A demonstration of our research on in-band telemetry for 4G/5G testbeds, part of the 4G/5G research at SimulaMet, is going to be presented at the OSM13 Ecosystem Day on Wednesday, June 15:

Detecting Issues with In-Band Telemetry in OSM-Orchestrated Core Networks

Speakers: Thomas Dreibholz, Chief Research Engineer, SimulaMet; Azza Hassan Mohamed Ahmed, Ph.D. Student, SimulaMet; Mah-Rukh Fida, Post-Doc Researcher, SimulaMet; Andrés Felipe Ocampo Palacio, Ph.D. Student, SimulaMet; and Foivos Ioannis Michelinakis, Research Scientist, SimulaMet.

Abstract: Open Source MANO is a helpful tool to manage and orchestrate the instantiation of core network setups, like Network Service (NS) instances of our SimulaMet OpenAirInterface Virtual Network Function (VNF) for Enhanced Packet Cores (EPC). We furthermore extended our NS with VNF instances of Programming Protocol-independent Packet Processors (P4) switches, in order to allow for in-band telemetry. With in-band telemetry, it is possible to flexibly add, process, and remove telemetry information to traffic within the packet core, in order to allow for fine-granular evaluation of the system performance and the users’ experienced quality of service. In our presentation and demo, we would like to provide an overview of our ongoing work on P4-based in-band telemetry in an OSM-orchestrated 4G core, which is used for detecting performance problems and anomalies in the network based on machine learning. We would furthermore like to demonstrate the details of our setup to the audience in a live demo.