NNUW-2 a great success!

The 2nd NorNet Users Workshop (NNUW-2) is over now. It has been a great success, with about 60 participants from all over the world! Particularly, some very interesting research results have been presented that have recently been obtained within the NorNet testbed. They show that NorNet has been successfully established as a valuable research platform for experiments on multi-homed systems. That is, NorNet will not «be another unused testbed that paves the road to hell», we will instead continue towards our goal of being «a building block of the railroad to heaven»!

Have a look into the workshop proceedings for further details! The proceedings of the NNUW-2 can now be found on the workshop website at https://www.nntb.no/workshops/nnuw-2/.

See you all next year at the NNUW-3!