Presentations of NorNet and Multi-Path Transport Research at Hainan University (海南大学) in Haikou (海口)

As part of the ongoing cooperation with Hainan University (海南大学) in Haikou (海口), located in the Hainan Province of China, an introduction to multi-path transport research, particularly with NEAT and NorNet, will be presented by Thomas Dreibholz (托马斯博士) with student tutorials at the College of Information Science and Technology (CIST).

Hainan University already uses NorNet Core for multi-path transport research and also supports the testbed by hosting NorNet Core’s first site in Asia. Furthermore, there is ongoing work with MELODIC technology to support distributed multi-cloud deployment for applications. The research visit in Haikou is part of MELODIC’s and NorNet’s ongoing process to establish further, long-term Norwegian-Chinese research cooperations.

The talk slides can be found here:
Dreibholz, Thomas: «NorNet at Hainan University: From Simulations to Real-World Internet Measurements for Multi-Path Transport Research» (PDF, 17975 KiB), Keynote Talk at Hainan University, College of Information Science and Technology (CIST), Haikou, Hainan/People’s Republic of China, April 15, 2019, [BibTeX, XML].