Scheduled Maintenance Downtime

Due to software maintenance, the PLC-managed research nodes, as well as some further services, will be down on Wednesday, April 6 and early Friday, April 8!

The maintenance will include:

  • PLC upgrade. The PLC’s TLS certificate will also change.
  • Distribution upgrade from NorNet-F18 (based on Fedora Core 18) to NorNet-F23 (based on Fedora Core 23), including new kernel with Linux MPTCP version 0.90.1. If you have stored any unsaved data inside your slivers, it is now time to backup it! The upgrade will reinstall all slivers.
  • Maintenance of the gatekeeper machine (,, including some downtime and reboot. No user data will be removed. However, please do not use the gatekeeper as a permanent storage, and make regular backups of your data.
  • The maintenance will change the gatekeeper’s SSH keys to:
    cb:6d:6b:91:9b:01:83:a5:29:47:88:ca:25:3d:7a:31 (DSA 1024)
    f7:5f:d1:35:27:cb:d8:29:4b:59:cd:80:d5:7c:15:d3 (ECDSA 256)
    36:64:7f:0a:e9:48:4c:7f:6d:0e:56:ea:f9:ff:13:4a (RSA 2048)
NorNet-F18 Boot Splash