Centre for Resilient Networks publishes NorNet Edge results

Simula’s Center for Resilient Networks and Applications (CRNA) performs long-term measurements of Norwegian mobile broadband networks. The first results of the measurements have now been released in a report focusing on the user-experienced robustness of the mobile broadband experience.

Center for Resilient Networks publishes results

  • With this report, we want to bring more data into the debate about network robustness, says Senior Research Scientist Amund Kvalbein, author of the report.
  • It is not obvious how robustness should be quantified and measured. In this report, we take a customer perspective, and look at the stability of the service experienced by the end user. We hope that the report can be useful for operators in identifying weaknesses and improve their service.
  • In the report, the researchers measure this stability at different levels, from the basic connection to the mobile network, to the stability of application performance.
  • One of the most interesting findings is that the different network tend to fail relatively independently, which means that there is much to be gained in terms of robustness if you can simultaneously connect to several networks. We find that at most of our measurement locations, you can achieve an availability of 99.999% by connecting to two different operators.

The report (in Norwegian) is available here.


CRNA Rapport 2013
CRNA Rapport 2013