NEAT software available in NorNet Core

The NEAT project wants to achieve a complete redesign of the way in which Internet applications interact with the network. Its goal is to allow network “services” offered to applications – such as reliability, low-delay communication or security – to be dynamically tailored based on application demands, current network conditions, hardware capabilities or local policies, and also to support the integration of new network functionality in an evolutionary fashion, without applications having to be rewritten. This architectural change will make the Internet truly “enhanceable”, by allowing applications to seamlessly and more easily take advantage of new network features as they evolve.

The implementation of NEAT, provided by the libneat source repository, is now packaged for Ubuntu as well as for Fedora. It is therefore now directly available in the NorNet Core slivers as well. Enjoying NEAT software just requires a «sudo dnf install libneat-examples» (and/or libneat-devel, etc.) call to get everything installed. Further information on NEAT can be found on the project website at!

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