ZenTest starting to use NorNet Core

The ZenTest project is going to make use of the NorNet Core infrastructure. ZenTest will provide a unique platform for research and innovation in the Cyber Physical Systems (CPSs) testing domain, including computation, control, and communication — the three key components in a CPS. ZenTest will be closely related to and expand on the capabilities of several existing Norwegian infrastructures, including:

  1. NorNet (https://www.nntb.no) for emulating long-distance network scenarios commonly used in, e.g., remote surgery and telemedicine applications;
  2. Notur (https://www.notur.no) and
  3. NorStore (https://www.norstore.no) for the execution of test cases and the storage of test execution results, respectively.

ZenTest will be used to support several of our existing projects, such as:

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