Custom NorNet Core software distribution with MPTCP support deployed

Half of the NorNet Core nodes (i.e. all nodes with an even node index) are now running our own, custom PlanetLab-LXC distribution branch. This new software distribution can also be found as nightly builds on

In addition to the features already provided by the PlanetLab-LXC software, the new branch brings the following NorNet-specific enhancements:

  • Multi-Path TCP (MPTCP), based on Linux MPTCP v0.88.8.
    Particularly, NorNet Core now provides MPTCP-capable slivers at 14 sites, with up to 3 ISPs and in many cases IPv6 support as well!
  • Some pre-installed software for slices: a basic build environment, SubNetCalc, NetPerfMeter, RSPLIB, etc..
  • A feature-enhanced boot CD image (better screen resolution, graphical boot menu, memtest86 in the boot menu).